Manufacturers of Thermoplastic Rubber Compounds And Wood Plastic Composite Profile


WOODTEC WPC, a product with a class of its own, it can help meeting the global demand of natural wood products and wood profiles. It is a new kind of synthetic thermoplastic material made from plastic and wood discharged from mills, farming and factories, as well as, from agricultural residues. It is a natural fit with primary and secondary forest product industries. By construction this product is formulated from plant fibres as a component and reinforcement with wetting it with thermoplastic polymers. This is one of the fastest growing type of polymer industry nowadays in the developed countries. Even prime grade reprocessed thermoplastic could be used with waste natural fibres. 

Synthetic wood is a class of composite materials used all over the world that have mushroomed in recent years without any consideration to ecology, durability, reproducibility’s and weather resistance. A few examples are MDF, UPVS, Skin Doors, NU Wood, etc.

What are Wood- WOODTEC WPC ?

It refers to the use of PMMA, Polyethylene and Polyvinyl chloride, etc. Instead of the usual Urea Formaldehyde, PVA adhesive mixed with more than 35% – 85% wood flour/ natural fibres. 

WPC Uses :

  • Rice Husk
  • Straw
  • Coconut Fibres
  • Bagasse
  • Other Waste Plant Fibber
After the right material is selected , by a plastic processing, to produce plates or profiles, mainly used for building construction materials, furniture, logistics, packaging, park benches, and in many industries.
By heating of plastic and wood powder, mixing them by a special process in a certain percentage of wood fibres & other thermoplastics, special additives and then extruding it into sheets known as extruded WOODTEC WPC foamed sheets or injection or blow moulded into any other shapes. 
Ocean's Woodtec Applications

Interior Doors
Door Frames
Outside Flooring Decking
Skirting Board
Decorative Hanging
Indoor Flooring
Woodtec WPC Fence
Garden Fence
Balcony Rails
Leisure Benches
Planter Boxes
False Roofing

WOODTEC WPC material is flexible and can be applied to any field of wood processing. Its best environmentally friendly material that has ever replaced wood.

OCEAN WPC has, with the introduction of advanced production technology, according to the needs of different clients, customized different mould to produce all kinds of WOODTEC WPC products for different consumer needs. 

WOODTEC WPC Properties
  1. WOODTEC WPC has the same processing performance as wood. It can be nailed, drilled, cut, bonded, fixed with nails or bolts. It has a smooth surface, even without sanding and paint, and also has good paint adhesion.
  2. WOODTEC WPC can be made in a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness, design, colour and wood grain finish etc. as per customer’s choice.
  3. WOODTEC WPC have wood like appearance, high hardness, long life, thermoforming, high strength and conserve energy. 
  4. WOODTEC WPC are free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.